Janice Mason Steeves

Gathering Light
Gallery Stratford, Stratford, ON • January 25 - April 7, 2015


This exhibition by Janice Mason Steeves presents a powerful selection of her large-scale oil paintings that mediate the space between light and dark, provoking a meditation on humanity’s need and desire for physical and metaphysical illumination. Gathering Light is a contemplative body of work, reverential, mysterious, searching, and revealing. The works unfold in broad and contrasting visions, like spiritual x-rays that surface and stream. Inspired by Steeves recent travels in Ireland and Scotland to ancient passage graves and stone circles, this exhibition is both a journey taken and a journey waiting; a quest and a reaping; a release and a gathering.

Aidan Ware, Curator, Gallery Stratford



All Images © Janice Mason Steeves, 2014-2018.